(Yap - Yappu, Uap, Guap, Wap)

Jeune homme tatoué de Faïs, île Carolines, Paul Jacoule

The island of stone money, Uap of the Carolines by William Henry Furness 1910

Mogmog Tattoo 1873
Mogmog Island of Ulithi Atoll, Yap Full Body Tattoo Front View 1873
Kubary, Johann (1875) Weitere Nachrichten von der Insel Ponape

Micronesian Back View Tattoo
Yap Full Body Tattoo Back View
German South Seas Expedition 1908 - 1910

Fais, Yap Tattoo

Yap Leg Tattoo
Yap Leg Tattoo

Outer Islands Yap Arm Tattoo
Yap Arm Tattoo

The Journal of the Anthropological, Society of Tokyo, Vol. XLIII 1928, The Tattooing of the Western Micronesians by Hasebe, Kotondo

Yap Hand Tattoo

Yap Tattoo
Amoureux a Tarang. Yap, Ouest Carolines. 1935 by Paul Jacoulet

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