(Guam - Guajan, Ladrones)

Guam 1820

From "Narrative of a voyage round the world, in the Uranie and Physicienne corvettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820" by Jacques Arago

Micronesian Tattoo
Habitants des iles Carolines basses. (1835-1836) by Litke, Fedor Petrovich

Iles Carolines Danse des Naturels, Tamor des Carolines et sa femme vus à Tinian, and Danse des habitans des Carolines by Jacques Etienne Victor Arago in 1819

Guham, 1819. Tamors des Carolines by Adrien Aimé Taunay

Guam Men by Jacques Arago


  1. Where did u find these pictures

  2. If I am correct, the above tattoos of Guam are actually of the Carolinians living on Guam, not the native Chamoru. This is important to note.

    Also, according to early accounts, the Chamoru did not tattoo.

    Great site!

  3. definitely Carolinians of guam.

  4. Who wrote this article or blog?? You got this all wrong. These people are not of guam but the caroline islands. Mainly around the outer islands of yap, chuuk and pohnpei. You need to get your facts straight!

    1. No need to stress out! Some of the early ships to pass by the island stopped only briefly. They probably had no idea that the tattooed people they saw were from other islands.